Snow Angels covered by Eddie Pinero

Recently we’ve had the pleasure of hanging and collaborating with Eddie Pinero. This promising young artist excretes true passion as a musician, which is why we love working with him. For this particular video shoot, he covered the song Snow Angels. We honestly couldn’t have chosen a better day to film this song, since snowflakes were falling gracefully from the sky, and allowed us to capture an essence that fits this tune. Everything throughout this video was shot here at our studio in Somerville, MA. The rooftop was an ideal place to shoot and we decided to do black and white to insinuate a classy vibe. We also shot some scenes indoors, which created an old fashion, timeless atmosphere. We’re so psyched Eddie wanted to be on location, since the studio contains a variety of beautiful and visually appealing places to shoot. Enjoy listening to this hard working, compassionate, and talented man, and look forward to seeing more of his amazing videos in the future.